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Part No. Type Size (cm)
9980-A Evolution Of Human Civilization 50 x 75
9980-B Iranian Civilization 50 x 75
9980-C Nile Valley Civilization 50 x 75
9980-D Greek Civilization 50 x 75
9980-E Mesopotamian Civilization 50 x 75
9980-F Babylonian Civilization  50 x 75
9980-G Chinese Civilization 50 x 75
9980-H Roman Civilization 50 x 75
9980-I Mayaland Civilization 50 x 75

Charts depicting civilizations serve various purposes in short form:

  1. Historical Education:
    • Enhance history education by visually presenting the rise and fall of civilizations.
  2. Cultural Evolution:
    • Illustrate the cultural, technological, and societal evolution of different civilizations.
  3. Geographical Expansion:
    • Depict the geographical expansion and territories of ancient and modern civilizations.
  4. Timeline Reference:
    • Provide a quick reference for key events, achievements, and contributions of different civilizations.
  5. Comparative Studies:
    • Facilitate comparative studies, allowing for analysis of similarities and differences between civilizations.
  6. Archaeological Context:
    • Offer context for archaeological findings and discoveries related to specific civilizations.
  7. Cultural Heritage:
    • Contribute to the preservation and understanding of cultural heritage associated with various civilizations.
  8. Educational Displays:
    • Serve as informative displays in educational institutions, museums, and cultural centers.
  9. Historical Geography:
    • Aid in understanding the historical geography and spatial distribution of civilizations.
  10. Research and Study Aid:
    • Assist researchers, historians, and students in visualizing and organizing information about civilizations.

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