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  • Clear Glass
  • screw cap (PP)
  • without printing
  • Clear Glass
  • screw cap (PP)
  • without printing
PART  No. Capacity (ml) Pack Qty.
7870-2 2 ml 10
7870-4 4ml 10
7870-5 5ml 10
7870-8 8ml 10
7870-10 10ml 10
7870-15 15ml 10
7870-20 20ml 10
7870-25 25ml 10

Here are some common uses for clear glass vials without printing:

  1. Sample Storage:
    • Laboratories use clear glass vials without printing for the storage of liquid or powder samples, allowing a transparent view of the sample contents.
  2. Chemical Storage:
    • In chemical laboratories, these vials are used for the storage of chemicals, reagents, and solvents where a clear view of the substance is necessary.
  3. Liquid Handling:
    • Clear glass vials without printing are suitable for liquid handling applications where visual inspection of the liquid is essential.
  4. Research and Development:
    • Research facilities utilize these vials for storing and testing various substances during the research and development process, providing a clear view for observation.
  5. Quality Control and Testing:
    • Quality control laboratories use clear glass vials without printing for the storage of reference standards, control samples, and test solutions.
  6. Diagnostic Reagents:
    • Clinical laboratories use these vials for storing diagnostic reagents and solutions used in medical testing where transparency is important.
  7. Educational Laboratories:
    • Educational institutions use clear glass vials without printing for teaching and demonstration purposes in chemistry and biology laboratories.
  8. Liquid Sampling:
    • Clear vials are used for the collection and storage of liquid samples in environmental monitoring, water analysis, and other sampling applications.
  9. Pharmaceutical Compounding:
    • Clear glass vials are employed in pharmaceutical compounding for the storage of compounded medications, solutions, and formulations.
  10. Cosmetic Packaging:
    • The cosmetic industry uses clear glass vials for packaging and storing cosmetic products, perfumes, and personal care items where a clear view of the contents is desirable.
  11. Food and Beverage Industry:
    • Clear glass vials may be used in the food and beverage industry for the storage of flavorings, extracts, or other ingredients where transparency is crucial.
  12. Seed Storage:
    • Agriculture and seed banks use clear glass vials for storing seeds where a clear view is necessary for monitoring seed viability.
  13. Industrial Applications:
    • Clear glass vials without printing find applications in various industrial processes, such as the storage of industrial chemicals or solutions.

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