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Thick wall and reinforced rim. Outside of the bushing has full length and inside has smaller length. For compact assembly of dissimilar joints.  

Thick wall and reinforced rim.

The outside of the bushing is full length and the inside has a smaller length.

For compact assembly of dissimilar joints.

Part No. Female Joint Male Joint Pack Qty.
1850-14F19M 14/20 19/22 10
1850-14F24M 14/20 24/40 10
1850-14F24M 14/35 24/40 10

Here are some potential uses for such an adapter in a laboratory context:

  1. Sample Transfer and Handling: The low profile design may be useful for transferring small quantities of liquid samples between containers, ensuring precision in measurements and reducing the risk of contamination.
  2. Chemical Reactions: The adapter could be used in reaction setups where controlled addition of reagents or chemicals is necessary. The drip tip could allow for precise and controlled dispensing of liquids into reaction vessels.
  3. Chromatography: In chromatographic techniques, such as liquid chromatography (LC) or gas chromatography (GC), a low profile adapter with a drip tip might be used for injecting samples into the chromatograph columns, facilitating accurate and controlled sample introduction.
  4. Titration: The adapter could be employed in titration setups where the controlled addition of titrant is crucial. The drip tip could help in delivering titrant drop by drop, ensuring accurate titration results.
  5. Liquid Handling Systems: In automated liquid handling systems commonly used in laboratories, low profile adapters with drip tips could be integrated into pipetting systems, enhancing precision in liquid dispensing processes.
  6. Vapor Generation Studies: In environmental or analytical chemistry studies, the adapter might be used in setups for generating vapors or gas-phase samples, especially if it’s designed for compatibility with certain types of analytical instruments.

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