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3800-Clear glass, Measuring Cylinder with detachable PE base, Class A with batch certificate

  • Complies with DIN EN ISO 4788
  • With batch certificate
  • Printed in amber color
  • Complies with DIN EN ISO 4788
  • With batch certificate
  • Printed in amber color

* Non DIN

Here are some common uses for such a measuring cylinder:

  1. Accurate Volume Measurements: Class A measuring cylinders are precision instruments suitable for accurate and reliable volume measurements in laboratory applications where high precision is required.
  2. Quality Control in Laboratories: Measuring cylinders with a batch certificate are often used in laboratories for quality control purposes. The batch certificate provides documentation for a group of instruments, ensuring consistency in calibration and accuracy.
  3. Reference Standards: Instruments with batch certificates can serve as reference standards in laboratories. The certificates allow for traceability and ensure that the measuring cylinders within a specific production batch meet the same calibration standards.
  4. Analytical Chemistry: In analytical chemistry, particularly in quantitative analysis, Class A measuring cylinders are used for precise volume measurements required for various analytical methods and procedures.
  5. Laboratory Research: Clear glass measuring cylinders with detachable PE bases and Class A accuracy are commonly used in research settings where accurate and consistent volume measurements are essential.
  6. Educational Demonstrations: These measuring cylinders may be used in educational settings for teaching purposes, demonstrating accurate volume measurements, and highlighting the importance of precision in laboratory work.
  7. Stability with Detachable PE Base: The detachable PE base provides stability during measurements and can be removed for easier cleaning or to adapt the cylinder for specific applications.
  8. Environmental Analysis: Laboratories involved in environmental analysis, where precise measurements are necessary for water quality analysis or pollution monitoring, may use measuring cylinders with Class A accuracy and batch certificates.
  9. Hex Base Stability: The hexagonal base design, combined with the detachable PE base, enhances stability during measurements, reducing the risk of accidental spills or tipping over.
  10. Research and Development: Measuring cylinders with Class A accuracy and batch certificates are valuable in research and development environments, where precise measurements are critical for developing new products, methods, or experimental procedures.
  11. Chemical Formulations: In laboratories involved in chemical formulations, especially in industries like pharmaceuticals, these measuring cylinders may be used to ensure accuracy during the preparation of chemical solutions.

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