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Chemical Resistant

Chemical Resistant

Part No. Female Joint Male Joint Pack QTY.
2000-14F7M 14/20 7/12 10
2000-14F10M 14/20 10/18 10
2000-19F7M 19/22 7/12 10
2000-19F10M 19/22 10/18 10


An ASTM adapter with a thermometer straight design serves specific functions in laboratory settings. Here are potential uses for such an adapter:

  1. Temperature Measurement in Reactions:
    • The thermometer straight adapter allows for the insertion of a thermometer into a reaction vessel or reaction setup. This enables real-time monitoring of temperature changes during a chemical reaction.
  2. Reaction Monitoring:
    • Researchers can use the adapter to monitor temperature variations during experimental procedures, ensuring that reactions occur at the desired temperature for optimal results.
  3. Quality Control in Distillation:
    • In distillation setups, the thermometer straight adapter can be inserted into the distillation head or column to monitor and control the temperature, ensuring the separation of components at the desired boiling points.
  4. Verification of Reaction Conditions:
    • The adapter aids in verifying and maintaining specific temperature conditions required for various chemical reactions, ensuring reproducibility and accuracy in laboratory experiments.
  5. Temperature-Dependent Processes:
    • For processes where temperature plays a crucial role, such as catalytic reactions or phase transitions, the thermometer adapter facilitates precise temperature control and monitoring.
  6. Heating Mantle Compatibility:
    • The straight design may be compatible with heating mantles, allowing for uniform and controlled heating of the reaction mixture while simultaneously measuring the temperature.
  7. Thermal Stability Testing:
    • The thermometer adapter can be used in experiments to test the thermal stability of materials or compounds, providing insights into how they respond to temperature changes.
  8. Calibration and Validation:
    • The thermometer straight adapter can be employed in calibration procedures to verify the accuracy of thermometers used in the laboratory.
  9. Temperature-Dependent Kinetics Studies:
    • In kinetic studies where the rate of reaction is temperature-dependent, the adapter allows for the precise measurement and control of temperature during the experiment.

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