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  • With 2mm T-bore PTFE stopcock
  • With 2mm T-bore PTFE stopcock
1940-24M 24/40 10

Some general interpretations and potential uses:

  1. ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials): ASTM standards are widely used in laboratories to ensure the quality and reliability of materials, products, systems, and services. It sets standards for various aspects, including testing methods and specifications.
  2. Adapters: In laboratory equipment, adapters are often used to connect different pieces of apparatus or to modify the setup for specific applications.
  3. Flushing T-Bore: This term suggests a T-shaped bore, possibly designed for flushing or cleaning purposes. A T-bore is a type of passage or opening in a piece of equipment shaped like the letter “T.”

Potential Uses or Interpretations:

  • Sample Flushing: The T-bore may be designed to facilitate the flushing of samples or fluids through a specific apparatus.
  • Cleaning Access: The T-bore might provide access for cleaning solutions to be flushed through the adapter, ensuring cleanliness and preventing cross-contamination between experiments.
  • Fluid Control: The T-bore could be utilized for controlling the flow of fluids in a specific direction or for introducing additional substances into a system.
  • Adaptation in Experimental Setups: The adapter with a flushing T-bore may be part of a larger experimental setup where precise control of fluids and cleaning processes is essential.

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