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Part No. Name of the chart Size (cm)
10040-A Ocular infections 51 x 66
10040-B Anxiety disorders 51 x 66
10040-C Obsessions & compulsions 51 x 66
10040-D Schizophrenia 51 x 66
10040-E Bicornuate uterus 51 x 66
10040-F Fibroid uterus 51 x 66
10040-G Fibroadenoma breast 51 x 66
10040-H IUGR baby 51 x 66
10040-I Hydatidiform mole 51 x 66
10040-J Hydrosalpinx 51 x 66
10040-K Syphilis 51 x 66
10040-L Parkinson’s disease 51 x 66
10040-M Epilepsy 51 x 66

Pathology charts serve various purposes in short form:

  1. Disease Diagnosis:
    • Aid in the diagnosis of diseases and medical conditions through visual representation of pathological findings.
  2. Medical Education:
    • Enhance the understanding of medical students, residents, and healthcare professionals in the field of pathology.
  3. Research Reference:
    • Serve as reference tools for researchers studying the pathology of specific diseases and conditions.
  4. Clinical Case Presentation:
    • Support the presentation of clinical cases by visually illustrating pathological findings.
  5. Treatment Planning:
    • Assist in treatment planning by providing insights into the pathological features of diseases.
  6. Patient Education:
    • Educate patients about the pathology of their conditions, facilitating informed decision-making.
  7. Tumor Classification:
    • Classify tumors and cancers based on pathological characteristics, aiding in treatment decisions.
  8. Molecular Pathology:
    • Visualize molecular changes at the cellular level, helping in molecular pathology research.
  9. Quality Control:
    • Serve as tools for quality control in pathology laboratories, ensuring accuracy and consistency in diagnoses.
  10. Pathological Changes Over Time:
    • Illustrate the progression and changes in pathological features over the course of a disease.
  11. Forensic Pathology:
    • Support forensic investigations by providing visual documentation of pathological findings in post-mortem examinations.
  12. Telepathology:
    • Facilitate remote pathology consultations through the visual representation of pathology findings.

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