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9030-Forceps, Curved Fine Points

  • Material SS 410 Grade
  • Curved Fine Points
  • Material SS 410 Grade
  • Curved Fine Points
PART  No. Size (mm) Pack Qty.
9030-100 100 10
9030-125 125 10
9030-150 150 10
9030-200 200 10
9030-250 250 10
9030-300 300 10

Curved fine points forceps in the lab are used for:

  1. Precision Grasping:
    • Delicate Handling: Ideal for precise and gentle handling of small objects or samples.
    • Fine Control: Allows controlled manipulation in tight spaces.
  2. Microscopic Procedures:
    • Microscopic Accuracy: Suited for tasks requiring fine control under a microscope.
    • Microsurgery: Useful in intricate microsurgical procedures.
  3. Sample Manipulation:
    • Accurate Positioning: Enables accurate placement of small components or specimens.
    • Delicate Grasping: Useful for handling fragile samples with care.
  4. Dissection:
    • Intricate Dissection: Facilitates detailed dissection with minimal tissue damage.
    • Fine Tissue Handling: Ideal for precision work in histology or pathology.
  5. Laboratory Procedures:
    • Microbiology: Valuable for handling small cultures and microorganisms.
    • Electronics Work: Useful in assembling or manipulating small electronic components.
  6. Medical Applications:
    • Surgical Precision: Commonly used in medical labs for fine surgical procedures.
    • Microsurgical Tasks: Ideal for delicate medical procedures requiring fine point control.
  7. Versatility:
    • Flexible Tool: Applicable in various laboratory, medical, and research settings.
    • Curved Design: Offers enhanced maneuverability and access in certain applications.

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