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8540-Watch Glass, Neutral Glass

PART  No. Size (mm) Pack Qty.
8540-50 50 10
8540-65 65 10
8540-75 75 10
8540-100 100 10
8540-125 125 10
8540-150 150 10


  1. Evaporation Cover: Used as a cover for beakers or containers during evaporation processes in laboratories.
  2. Crystallization: Facilitates the crystallization of substances by providing a surface for slow evaporation.
  3. Sample Protection: Protects samples from contamination while allowing observation or drying.
  4. Weighing Cover: Used as a cover during weighing to prevent substance loss due to air currents.
  5. Dust Protection: Protects samples or solutions from dust and foreign particles in laboratory environments.
  6. Condensation Control: Helps control condensation in experiments by covering containers.
  7. Observation Surface: Provides a flat and transparent surface for observing reactions or changes in samples.
  8. Microscale Reactions: Used in microscale chemical reactions for small-scale experimentation.
  9. Sublimation: Facilitates sublimation processes by covering substances undergoing sublimation.
  10. General Laboratory Cover: Commonly used as a general-purpose cover in various laboratory procedures.

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