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8510-Wire Gauge

  • Has Ceramic Center
  • Goes upto 800°C
  • Has Ceramic Center
  • Goes upto 800°C
PART  No. Type Pack Qty.
8510-100 100 x 100 10
8510-125 125 x 125 10
8510-150 150 x 150 10
8510-200 200 x 200 10


  1. Electrical Wiring: Determines the size of wires used in electrical circuits for conductivity and safety.
  2. Construction: Guides the selection of wires for various construction applications, including framing and concrete work.
  3. Jewelry Making: Used to choose appropriate wire sizes for crafting jewelry or metalwork.
  4. Automotive Wiring: Determines the thickness of wires used in automotive electrical systems.
  5. Fencing: Guides the selection of wire thickness for fencing applications, such as in agriculture or security.
  6. DIY Projects: Helpful in DIY projects where wires are used for various purposes.
  7. Craftsmanship: Guides the selection of wire sizes in various craftsmanship and artistic endeavors.
  8. Metalworking: Used in metalworking projects where wire thickness is crucial for structural integrity.
  9. Network Cabling: Determines the appropriate wire gauge for network cabling in information technology.
  10. Aerospace Applications: Guides the selection of wires for aerospace applications, where weight and conductivity are critical factors.

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