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8050-Double Water Still System


  • High performance
  • Low maintenance
  • High durability
  • Accurate results

We are a prominent name engaged in providing the best-in-class Double Water Still System. These systems are manufactured and designed by making use of high-grade raw-material and other components incorporating latest machinery. The raw-material required for the manufacture of these products are procured from the authorized vendors in business.

Product Details:

Usage/Application             Chemical Laboratory

Type                                      TABLE TOP MODEL

Mounting                             TABLE TOP

Material                                Borosilicate Glass

Brand                                     LTI


  • High performance
  • Low maintenance
  • High durability
  • Accurate results


  • Comprises of a borosilicate glass boiler
  • High efficiency coil condenser to ensure a cool distillate
  • Stands and clamps

The “double” in the term implies that there are two stages or components involved in the distillation process.

Here are some potential uses and features of a Double Water Still System:

  1. High Purity Water Production: Distillation is a widely used method for producing high-purity water by removing impurities, minerals, and contaminants from the original water source.
  2. Laboratory Applications: The distilled water produced by such systems is commonly used in laboratories for various purposes, including as a reagent, for cleaning glassware, or in experiments where the absence of impurities is crucial.
  3. Medical and Pharmaceutical: Distilled water is also used in medical and pharmaceutical applications where the purity of water is essential for certain processes and formulations.
  4. Educational Settings: These systems are often found in educational institutions for teaching purposes, demonstrating the principles of distillation and water purification.
  5. Double Distillation: The term “Double Water Still” implies a two-stage distillation process, which can enhance the purity of the distilled water by further eliminating impurities.
  6. Continuous Water Supply: These systems are designed to provide a continuous supply of distilled water, making them suitable for applications requiring a consistent source of pure water.

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