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7370-Tubes, Amber Culture Media, Round Bottom

• The uniform Amber color is highly durable and chemical resistance
• Leak proof
• Comes with PP Screw Cap & PTFE Liner

• The uniform Amber color is highly durable and chemical resistance
• Leak proof
• Comes with PP Screw Cap & PTFE Liner

PART  No. Capacity (ml) O.D. x Length (mm) PACK Qty.
7370-5 5 16 x 75 100
7370-10 10 16 x 125 100
7370-30 30 25 x 100 100
7370-60 60 25 x 200 100

Here are common uses and features of tubes with amber culture media and round bottoms:

  1. Protection Against Light: The amber color of the tubes provides protection against light, particularly ultraviolet (UV) and visible light. This is important when working with light-sensitive substances such as certain chemicals, drugs, or biological samples.
  2. Cell Culture: Amber culture tubes with round bottoms are often used in cell culture applications, providing a suitable environment for the growth and maintenance of cells. The round bottom design allows for even cell distribution in the liquid medium.
  3. Media Storage: These tubes are used for the preparation and storage of culture media, including agar, broth, or other liquid media used in microbiology and cell culture experiments.
  4. Chemical Storage: Amber tubes are suitable for storing light-sensitive chemicals or reagents. The round bottom design facilitates efficient mixing and handling of the stored substances.
  5. Sample Protection: When working with sensitive samples, such as pharmaceutical compounds or biological materials, the amber color helps protect the integrity of the samples by reducing the effects of light exposure.
  6. Photobiological Experiments: In experiments where exposure to light may affect the biological activity of the samples, amber culture tubes are employed to minimize light interference.
  7. Incubation: The tubes are suitable for incubation purposes, providing a controlled environment for the growth of microorganisms or cells.
  8. Centrifugation: The round bottom design allows for efficient pellet formation during centrifugation, which is important in various laboratory procedures.
  9. Leak-Proof Design: Some tubes may have a leak-proof design, preventing spills and contamination. This feature is valuable when working with valuable or hazardous samples.
  10. Serological Testing: The tubes are commonly used in serological testing where blood serum or other samples need to be processed and analyzed.
  11. Biological Sample Storage: Amber tubes are suitable for the storage of biological samples, tissues, and cells that may be sensitive to light.
  12. Environmental Monitoring: In environmental monitoring studies, these tubes may be used for the collection and storage of samples from the environment.

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