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7320-Funnel, Buchner, Euro Design, Porcelain

  • Made of Porcelain
  • Temperature upto 1000° C
  • Made of Porcelain
  • Temperature upto 1000° C
PART  No. Dia (mm) OD x H PACK Qty.
7320-20 20 x 64 10
7320-51 51 x 89 10
7320-67 67 x 110 6
7320-84 84 x 143 4
7320-105 105 x 160 2
7320-125 125 x 195 2
7320-142 142 x 202 1
7320-170 170 x 221 1
7320-210 210 x 270 1
7320-270 270 x 350 1

Here are some uses of a Büchner funnel with Euro design made of porcelain:

  1. Vacuum Filtration:
    • Büchner funnels, including those with Euro design, are commonly used for vacuum filtration. They are placed on top of a filter flask, and a vacuum is applied to draw the liquid through a filter paper or other filtration medium. The wider design of the Euro funnel may provide increased surface area for filtration.
  2. Chemical Filtration:
    • Porcelain Büchner funnels are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, making them suitable for filtering solutions containing various solvents and reagents. They are commonly used in chemical synthesis and analysis.
  3. Crystallization:
    • Büchner funnels can be used in the process of crystallization. After dissolving a substance in a solvent and allowing it to crystallize, the Büchner funnel can be used to separate the solid crystals from the liquid portion.
  4. Precipitate Collection:
    • These funnels are useful for collecting precipitates formed during chemical reactions. After the precipitation process, the liquid is separated from the solid by vacuum filtration using the Büchner funnel.
  5. Sample Preparation:
    • Büchner funnels are employed in sample preparation, particularly in laboratories dealing with analytical chemistry. They help remove unwanted particles or substances from a sample.
  6. Solid-Liquid Separation:
    • The Büchner funnel is effective for separating solid particles from liquid samples. This can be crucial in various applications, such as environmental analysis or quality control.
  7. Educational Purposes:
    • Büchner funnels with Euro design made of porcelain are often used in educational laboratories to teach students about filtration techniques and laboratory equipment.
  8. Heat-Resistant Applications:
    • Porcelain Büchner funnels can withstand higher temperatures compared to some plastic counterparts. This makes them suitable for applications involving hot filtration or processes requiring elevated temperatures.

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