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7260-Funnels, Long Stem, have smooth walls PP

  • Made of Polypropylene
  • 600 cone angle and external ribs to prevent air lock
  • can also be steam autoclaved
  • Made of Polypropylene
  • 600 cone angle and external ribs to prevent air lock
  • can also be steam autoclaved
PART  No. Size (mm) I.D. (mm) Stem Length (mm) PACK Qty.
7260-100 100 93 84 36
7260-150 150 148 55 12

Here are some common uses for funnels with long stems and smooth walls made of polypropylene:

  1. Chemical Transfers:
    • Long stem funnels are often used for transferring chemicals or reagents from one container to another. The smooth walls allow for easy and controlled pouring without the risk of spills.
  2. Sample Handling:
    • These funnels are suitable for handling liquid samples, particularly when precision is required. The long stem facilitates the controlled transfer of small volumes of liquids.
  3. Solvent Filtration:
    • Long stem funnels can be used in filtration processes, where a solvent needs to be filtered through a filter paper or membrane. The smooth walls ensure a smooth flow of the liquid during the filtration process.
  4. Chemical Additions:
    • In chemical reactions, the long stem of the funnel allows for the controlled addition of reagents to reaction vessels. This is important in maintaining reaction conditions and avoiding unwanted splashing.
  5. Powder Transfer:
    • These funnels are suitable for transferring powders or granular materials into containers. The smooth walls facilitate the flow of powders without clogging.
  6. Laboratory Procedures:
    • Long stem funnels are commonly used in laboratories for various routine tasks, including decanting, sample preparation, and general liquid handling.
  7. Industrial Processes:
    • In industrial settings, these funnels may be used for various applications such as the controlled addition of chemicals, transferring liquids between containers, or facilitating production processes.
  8. Educational Laboratories:
    • Long stem funnels are often used in educational laboratories to teach students about basic laboratory techniques and procedures, providing a practical tool for students to learn about precise liquid handling.
  9. Quality Control:
    • These funnels can be employed in quality control processes where precise and controlled additions or transfers are required to ensure the accuracy and consistency of products.
  10. Biological Sample Handling:
    • In biological laboratories, long stem funnels with smooth walls may be used for handling sensitive biological samples or liquids in a controlled manner.

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