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7230-Funnel, Powder with cone

  • Made from ASTM E-438, TYPE-1, BORO 3.3 GLASS
  • Available with cone
  • Made from ASTM E-438, TYPE-1, BORO 3.3 GLASS
  • Available with cone
PART  No. Approx Funnel Dia. (mm) N/S Size PACK Qty.
7230-45-14 45 14/23 10
7230-70-14 70 14/23 10
7230-70-29 70 29/32 10
7230-80-29 80 29/32 10
7230-100-14 100 14/23 10
7230-100-29 100 29/32 10

Here are common uses of a powder funnel with a cone:

  1. Sample Transfer: Powder funnels are commonly used for transferring powdered samples from one container to another, such as from a weighing boat to a flask or vial. The cone shape helps direct the powder with accuracy.
  2. Precise Pouring: The cone design facilitates precise pouring of powders into containers, minimizing spillage and ensuring an accurate amount of powder is transferred.
  3. Reaction Setup: In chemical laboratories, powder funnels with cones are used to add powdered reagents to reaction vessels, ensuring controlled and accurate additions during experimental setups.
  4. Analytical Balances: Powder funnels are often employed when weighing powdered substances on analytical balances. The narrow stem and cone shape allow for controlled addition to the weighing pan.
  5. Filtering and Filtration: The funnel may be used in filtration processes where a powder needs to be added to a filter medium. The cone shape aids in guiding the powder onto the filter surface.
  6. Homogeneous Mixing: Powder funnels can be used to add powdered components to a mixture, ensuring homogeneity in the final product. This is particularly important in preparation processes involving powder blending.
  7. Quality Control: In laboratories conducting quality control procedures, powder funnels with cones can be utilized to add standardized amounts of powdered substances for testing and analysis.
  8. Educational Demonstrations: Powder funnels are commonly used in educational laboratories to demonstrate proper lab techniques, including the careful handling of powdered substances.
  9. Pharmaceutical Compounding: In pharmaceutical laboratories, powder funnels are used in the compounding of medications, allowing precise addition of powdered pharmaceutical ingredients.
  10. Seed Sowing in Agriculture: Powder funnels can be adapted for use in agricultural applications, such as seed sowing, where a controlled distribution of powdered fertilizers or seeds is needed.
  11. Drying Agents Addition: When adding drying agents or absorbents to a solution, powder funnels with cones ensure that the powder is added in a controlled manner, preventing excessive foaming or splashing.
  12. Cleaning Glassware: Powder funnels are used to transfer cleaning agents or abrasive powders into glassware for cleaning purposes, assisting in the removal of residues.

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