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7200-Funnel, DIN/ISO & USP

  • Made from ASTM E 438 TYPE 1 CLASS A BORO 3.3 GLASS
  • Compliance with DIN ISO 4798 & USP standards
  • Made from ASTM E 438 TYPE 1 CLASS A BORO 3.3 GLASS
  • Compliance with DIN ISO 4798 & USP standards

* Non DIN

PART  No. Diameter (mm) PACK Qty.
7200-25* 25 10
7200-35 35 10
7200-38* 38 10
7200-40* 40 10
7200-50* 50 10
7200-55 55 10
7200-65* 65 10
7200-70* 70 10
7200-75 75 10
7200-80* 80 10
7200-100 100 10
7200-125 125 10
7200-150 150 10

Here are common uses for funnels that comply with DIN, ISO, and USP standards:

  1. Laboratory Filtration: These funnels are commonly used in laboratory filtration procedures, including gravity filtration or vacuum filtration. They may be paired with filter papers or membranes to separate solids from liquids.
  2. Sample Preparation: Funnels conforming to DIN, ISO, and USP standards are employed in sample preparation processes where precise and standardized measurements are essential, ensuring accuracy and consistency.
  3. Quality Control Testing: Laboratories performing quality control testing, especially in pharmaceutical and chemical industries, use standardized funnels to maintain consistency in procedures and results.
  4. Pharmaceutical Applications: In pharmaceutical laboratories, these funnels may be used for various applications, such as the preparation of pharmaceutical formulations, quality control of pharmaceutical products, and compliance with pharmacopeial standards.
  5. Chemical Analysis: Standardized funnels are used in chemical analysis procedures where adherence to specific dimensions and design criteria is crucial for accurate and reproducible results.
  6. Liquid Transfers: These funnels are suitable for transferring liquids from one container to another with precision, minimizing spillage and ensuring controlled pouring.
  7. ISO Standard Compliance: Funnels complying with ISO standards ensure that laboratory equipment is manufactured and used in accordance with internationally recognized specifications, promoting consistency and interoperability.
  8. DIN Standard Compliance: Funnels adhering to DIN standards follow German industry norms, providing a standardized and accepted framework for laboratory equipment in Germany and beyond.
  9. USP Standard Compliance: In pharmaceutical and healthcare settings, compliance with USP standards is critical. Funnel designs that meet USP standards are essential for procedures in pharmaceutical compounding and quality control.
  10. Precipitate Transfers: Standardized funnels are used in procedures involving the transfer of precipitates or solid substances, ensuring that the process meets specific quality and precision criteria.
  11. Biological and Microbiological Applications: Funnels meeting DIN, ISO, and USP standards may be used in biological and microbiological laboratories for aseptic procedures, adhering to standardized protocols.
  12. Educational Laboratories: These funnels are suitable for educational laboratories, where students are introduced to standardized laboratory equipment and procedures.
  13. Conformance to Dimensions: Adherence to DIN, ISO, and USP standards ensures that the dimensions, angles, and other specifications of the funnel are consistent, allowing for standardized use in various laboratory settings.

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