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6310-Crucible, Quartz with Lid

  • Made of Quartz Gel & Powder
  • Tolerance upto 2000° C
  • Made of Quartz Gel & Powder
  • Tolerance upto 2000° C
PART  No. Size (ml) PACK Qty.
6310-15 15 4
6310-25 25 4
6310-50 50 2
6310-100 100 2


  1. High-Temperature Experiments: Suitable for high-temperature applications in laboratories and industries.
  2. Chemical Processes: Used for chemical reactions requiring high-temperature and inert conditions.
  3. Melting and Fusion: Ideal for melting and fusion processes involving substances that require specific conditions.
  4. Sample Containment: Provides a controlled environment for containing and heating samples.
  5. Quartz Construction: Made of quartz for its high-temperature resistance and inert properties.
  6. Research and Development: Utilized in research and development laboratories for various high-temperature applications.
  7. Lidded Design: The inclusion of a lid allows for better control of the environment within the crucible.
  8. Chemical Analysis: Applied in chemical analysis and material science experiments that demand precise conditions.
  9. Inert Atmosphere: Useful when an inert atmosphere is required for reactions or processes.
  10. Versatile Lab Applications: Suitable for a range of laboratory applications requiring a quartz crucible with lid.

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