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6360-Crucible, Tong (MS)

  • Made of mild steel
  • Black painted/chrome plated
  • Made of mild steel
  • Black painted/chrome plated
PART  No. Size (mm) Type PACK Qty.
6360-150 150 Black Painted 4
6360-200 200 Black Painted 4
6360-300 300 Black Painted 4
6360-150-A 150 Chrome Painted 4
6360-200-A 200 Chrome Painted 4
6360-300-A 300 Chrome Painted 4


  1. Crucible Handling: Used for safely handling and manipulating crucibles in laboratories.
  2. High-Temperature Applications: Suitable for applications involving high temperatures, such as heating crucibles.
  3. Chemical Processes: Applied in chemical laboratories for processes requiring crucible manipulation.
  4. Laboratory Furnace: Utilized for placing and retrieving crucibles from laboratory furnaces.
  5. Material Handling: Used in laboratories and industrial settings for handling various materials.
  6. Mild Steel Construction: Made of mild steel for cost-effectiveness and durability.
  7. Safety: Provides a secure grip to prevent accidents or spills during crucible handling.
  8. Research and Development: Commonly used in research and development laboratories for various applications.
  9. Quality Control: Used in quality control processes where precise handling of crucibles is essential.
  10. General Lab Use: Suitable for a range of laboratory applications involving crucible manipulation.

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