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4820-Beaker, Tong, SS

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Silicon sleeve for temp upto 280° C
  • Fibre glass yarn to resist direct flame
  • To hold beakers upto 2 Litres (155mm OD)
PART  No. Type Length (mm) Material Max Temp PACK Qty.
4820-250 Beaker 250 Glass Fibre 500° C 4
4820-300 Beaker 300 Glass Fibre 500° C 4
4820-250 Beaker 250 Silicon 500° C 4
4820-300 Beaker 300 Silicon 500° C 4

Here are some common uses for a beaker tong in a laboratory setting:

  1. Beaker Handling: The primary purpose of a beaker tong is to securely grip and handle beakers. This is particularly useful when beakers contain hot liquids or are in environments where direct hand contact is not advisable.
  2. Hot Beaker Removal: When a beaker is heated on a hot plate or over a Bunsen burner, the tong allows the user to safely lift and remove the hot beaker without direct contact.
  3. Pouring Contents: Beaker tongs can be used to pour the contents of a beaker into another container. The secure grip provided by the tong ensures controlled pouring.
  4. Transportation: When moving beakers from one location to another within the laboratory, a beaker tong provides a convenient and safe means of transportation.
  5. Handling Beakers with Hazardous Materials: In situations where beakers contain hazardous or potentially harmful substances, a beaker tong allows for safe handling without direct contact.
  6. Laboratory Safety: Using a beaker tong enhances laboratory safety by minimizing the risk of burns or spills when working with hot liquids.
  7. General Laboratory Tasks: Beaker tongs can be employed in various laboratory tasks where beaker manipulation is required, such as during experiments, analyses, or sample preparations.
  8. Educational Demonstrations: In educational laboratories, beaker tongs may be used during demonstrations to teach students about proper laboratory techniques and safety.
  9. Quality Control Testing: Beaker tongs are useful in quality control testing procedures where the safe handling of beakers is essential.
  10. Chemical Reactions: When involved in chemical reactions that require the addition of reagents from one beaker to another, a beaker tong provides a secure grip for controlled pouring.

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