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4770-Beakers Philips low form with spout

Chemical Resistant

Chemical Resistant

PART  No. Capacity (ml) Dia (mm) D1 Dia (mm) D2 Height (mm) PACK Qty.
4770-150 150 57 40 91 6
4770-250 250 68 48 110 6
4770-500 500 88 61 145 6
4770-1000 1000 112 71 184 2


Here are some common uses for Philips low-form beakers with spouts in a laboratory setting:

  1. General Mixing and Stirring: Philips low-form beakers with spouts are suitable for general mixing and stirring of liquids or solutions. The spout facilitates controlled pouring and transfer of the mixed contents.
  2. Reagent Preparation: These beakers are often used for preparing and measuring reagents before experiments. The spout allows for precise pouring of reagents into other containers.
  3. Heating and Boiling: Philips beakers can be placed on a hot plate or over a Bunsen burner for heating and boiling liquids. The low form provides a larger surface area for efficient heating, and the spout aids in easy and controlled pouring of heated contents.
  4. Titration: The low form and spout of these beakers make them suitable for titration experiments where precise measurements and controlled pouring are essential.
  5. Dilution: Philips low-form beakers with spouts are appropriate for diluting solutions to specific concentrations. The spout design allows for accurate pouring during the dilution process.
  6. Solution Transfer: The spout facilitates easy and controlled pouring, making these beakers suitable for transferring solutions from one container to another.
  7. Media Preparation: In microbiology and cell culture laboratories, these beakers may be used for preparing and measuring growth media. The spout helps in accurately dispensing the media.
  8. Quality Control Testing: Philips beakers with spouts can be used for various quality control tests where liquids need to be poured or transferred with precision.
  9. Chemical Storage: They can be used for temporary storage of liquids during experiments or procedures where pouring is part of the process.
  10. Educational Purposes: Philips low-form beakers with spouts are commonly used in educational laboratories for teaching basic principles of chemistry and laboratory techniques, especially when demonstrating experiments with precise measurements and controlled pouring.

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