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3980-Riders/Bumpers for cylinders

PART No. Capacity (ml) Pack QTY.
3980-5 5 100
3980-10 10 100
3980-25 25 100
3980-50 50 100
3980-100 100 100
3980-250 250 50
3980-500 500 50
3980-1000 1000 25
3980-2000 2000 10

Here are some common uses and applications of riders or bumpers for cylinders:

  1. Cylinder Protection: The primary purpose of riders or bumpers is to protect the surface of cylinders from damage. This is particularly important in industrial settings where cylinders are exposed to potential impacts or collisions during operation.
  2. Preventing Wear and Tear: Riders act as a buffer between the cylinder and external surfaces, preventing wear and tear that can occur over time due to repeated contact or friction.
  3. Collision Prevention: In environments with moving machinery or heavy equipment, riders help prevent collisions between cylinders and other objects. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity and functionality of the cylinders.
  4. Enhancing Safety: By minimizing the risk of damage, riders contribute to workplace safety by reducing the likelihood of cylinder failure or malfunction due to external impacts.
  5. Improving Equipment Lifespan: The use of riders can extend the lifespan of cylinders by protecting them from damage that may otherwise lead to premature wear, leaks, or other issues.
  6. Docking and Contact Surfaces: Riders are often used in applications where cylinders come into contact with docking stations, mounting brackets, or other surfaces. The bumpers absorb impact forces, preventing damage to both the cylinder and the surrounding equipment.
  7. Automation and Robotics: In automated systems and robotic applications, riders for cylinders help protect critical components from accidental collisions or impacts that may occur during the operation of robotic arms or machinery.
  8. Material Handling Equipment: Riders are commonly employed in material handling equipment, such as forklifts or conveyors, to protect hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders from potential damage caused by the movement of goods or materials.
  9. Mining and Construction Equipment: In heavy-duty industries like mining and construction, where equipment is exposed to harsh conditions and potential impacts, riders are used to safeguard cylinders in various applications.
  10. Agricultural Machinery: Agricultural equipment often relies on hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders for functions such as lifting, tilting, or steering. Riders protect these cylinders from damage caused by impacts or rough terrain.
  11. Transportation Industry: In transportation applications, such as trucks or trailers with hydraulic systems, riders help protect cylinders from damage during loading and unloading operations.
  12. Manufacturing and Assembly Lines: In manufacturing facilities, riders are employed to protect cylinders used in assembly lines or other automated processes from potential impacts or collisions.
  13. Pneumatic Systems: In pneumatic applications, riders prevent damage to cylinders that may occur during sudden stops, changes in direction, or accidental impacts.
  14. Marine and Offshore Applications: In marine environments, where cylinders are exposed to the elements and potential impacts, riders are used to protect against damage from collisions or rough sea conditions.

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