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3670-AMBER GLASS, Measuring Cylinder Graduated Class A, Hex Base, Unserialized

  • With Double Metric Scale, TD (To Delivery)
  • Cylinders are made to meet ASTM E 1272 norms
  • Printed in white enamel
  • With batch certificate
  • With Double Metric Scale, TD (To Delivery)
  • Cylinders are made to meet ASTM E 1272 norms
  • Printed in white enamel
  • With batch certificate
PART No. Capacity (ml) SUB DIVISION (ml)




Pack QTY
3670-5 5 0.1 0.5 2
3670-10 10 0.1 0.1 2
3670-25 25 0.2 0.17 2
3670-50 50 1 0.25 2
3670-100 100 1 0.5 2
3670-250 250 2 1 2
3670-500 500 5 2 2
3670-1000 1000 10 3 1
3670-2000 2000 20 6 1

Here are some common uses for such a measuring cylinder:

  1. Light-Sensitive Solutions: Amber glass provides protection against UV and visible light, making it suitable for measuring and handling light-sensitive substances. This is particularly important in situations where the integrity of the sample needs to be preserved.
  2. Chemical Reactions: The measuring cylinder may be used in the preparation of solutions for chemical reactions. The Class A designation ensures a high level of accuracy, making it suitable for precise volume measurements in reactions where accuracy is crucial.
  3. Sample Handling in Analytical Chemistry: In analytical chemistry, amber glass measuring cylinders can be used for handling and measuring samples that are light-sensitive or prone to degradation from light exposure.
  4. Pharmaceutical Applications: In pharmaceutical laboratories, where certain medications or compounds may be light-sensitive, amber glass measuring cylinders are employed to ensure accurate measurement and handling of these substances.
  5. Environmental Analysis: Amber glass measuring cylinders may be used in environmental laboratories for measuring and handling samples that are sensitive to light or may undergo degradation if exposed.
  6. Hex Base Stability: The hexagonal base design provides stability during measurements, minimizing the risk of accidental tipping and spillage.
  7. Routine Laboratory Work: Unserialized measuring cylinders are often used for routine laboratory work where traceability is not a primary concern. These cylinders are cost-effective solutions for everyday measurements.
  8. Teaching and Educational Purposes: In educational settings, unserialized Class A measuring cylinders with amber glass may be used to teach students about accurate volume measurements and the principles of liquid handling.
  9. Quality Control in Industries: In industrial laboratories, where routine measurements are performed as part of quality control processes, unserialized amber glass measuring cylinders with Class A accuracy may be employed.
  10. Research Applications: While serialized measuring cylinders are essential for traceability in research settings, unserialized amber glass cylinders may still be suitable for certain non-critical applications or preliminary experiments.

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