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3610-AMBER GLASS, Measuring Cylinder Graduated, Hex Base, Class A, Unserialized

  • With Double Metric Scale, TC (To Contain)
  • Cylinders are made to meet ASTM E 1272 norms
  • Printed in white enamel
  • With batch certificate
  • With Double Metric Scale, TC (To Contain)
  • Cylinders are made to meet ASTM E 1272 norms
  • Printed in white enamel
  • With batch certificate
PART No. Capacity (ml) SUB DIVISION (ml)




Pack QTY
3610-5 5 0.1 0.5 2
3610-10 10 0.1 0.1 2
3610-25 25 0.2 0.17 2
3610-50 50 1 0.25 2
3610-100 100 1 0.5 2
3610-250 250 2 1 2
3610-500 500 5 2 2
3610-1000 1000 10 3 1
3610-2000 2000 20 6 1

Here are potential uses for such a measuring cylinder:

  1. Light-Sensitive Substances: The amber color of the glass provides protection against light, particularly ultraviolet (UV) and visible light. This is crucial when dealing with light-sensitive substances that might be affected or degraded by exposure to light.
  2. Precise Volume Measurements: Measuring cylinders, especially those designated as Class A, are used for accurate volume measurements. The Class A designation ensures a high level of accuracy in calibration, making these cylinders suitable for precise volumetric work.
  3. Solution Preparation: Measuring cylinders are commonly used in laboratories for the preparation of solutions with accurately known concentrations. The amber glass is advantageous when working with solutions sensitive to light.
  4. Quality Control: While the measuring cylinder is unserialized, it can still be used for routine quality control processes where traceability is not a critical factor. The Class A designation ensures a reliable level of accuracy.
  5. Educational Purposes: Measuring cylinders are widely used in educational settings for teaching and demonstrating principles of volumetric measurements. The amber glass variant could be used to highlight the importance of protecting light-sensitive substances.
  6. General Laboratory Measurements: The hex base provides stability during measurements, making the measuring cylinder suitable for various general laboratory applications where stability is essential.
  7. Research and Development: In research settings, where precise measurements are required, amber glass measuring cylinders can be employed for tasks such as preparing solutions, measuring volumes, and conducting experiments.
  8. Pharmaceutical and Chemical Laboratories: The amber glass construction is advantageous in pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories where protection against light is crucial for maintaining the stability of certain substances.

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