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3320-Volumetric Pipettes, 2 mark, Class AS, Batch certificate, DIN/ISO

Volumetric Pipettes, 2 mark, Class AS

  • Compliance with DIN ISO 648 Standard
  • With Batch Certificate
  • Comes in amber color enamel printing

Volumetric Pipettes, 2 mark, Class AS

  • Compliance with DIN ISO 648 Standard
  • With Batch Certificate
  • Comes in amber color enamel printing
PART No. Capacity (ml) ± Tol (ml) Colour of Coding Band Pack QTY.
3320-0.5 0.5 0.005 2 Black 10
3320-1 1 0.008 Blue 10
3320-2 2 0.010 Orange 10
3320-3 3 0.01 Black 10
3320-4 4 0.01 2 Red 10
3320-5 5 0.015 White 10
3320-6 6 0.01 2 Orange 10
3320-7 7 0.01 2 Green 10
3320-8 8 0.02 Blue 10
3320-9 9 0.02 Black 10
3320-10 10 0.020 Red 10
3320-15 15 0.03 Green 10
3320-20 20 0.030 Yellow 10
3320-25 25 0.030 Blue 10
3320-30 30 0.03 Black 10
3320-40 40 0.05 White 10
3320-50 50 0.050 Red 10
3320-100 100 0.080 Yellow 10

Here are some common uses for Volumetric Pipettes with these specifications:

  1. Analytical Chemistry: Volumetric pipettes with a 2-mark specification are commonly used in analytical chemistry laboratories for accurate and precise liquid measurements in quantitative analysis, titrations, and other analytical procedures.
  2. Quality Control in Production: These pipettes, with a batch certificate, are employed in quality control processes within manufacturing facilities to ensure that a specific batch of pipettes meets the required accuracy and precision standards.
  3. ISO and DIN Compliance: The use of pipettes conforming to DIN/ISO standards ensures compliance with the specifications outlined by the German Institute for Standardization and the International Organization for Standardization.
  4. Research and Development: Scientists and researchers use these pipettes for developing new methods, conducting experiments, and ensuring the accuracy of laboratory results, especially in industries such as pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.
  5. Reference Standards: Pipettes with batch certificates can serve as reference standards in laboratories, providing assurance that the entire batch meets the required accuracy standards.
  6. Laboratory Accreditation: Laboratories seeking accreditation may use pipettes with batch certificates as part of their quality management system, demonstrating that the pipettes meet the specified accuracy criteria.
  7. Educational Purposes: Volumetric Pipettes with a 2-mark specification, Class AS, and batch certificates can be used in educational institutions for teaching students about high-precision liquid handling and laboratory techniques.
  8. Environmental Monitoring: In environmental laboratories, these pipettes may be used for preparing standard solutions and conducting precise measurements in water quality testing, pollution monitoring, and related analyses.
  9. Clinical Laboratories: Volumetric pipettes are employed in medical and clinical laboratories for accurate and precise liquid measurements, including sample preparation and medical diagnostic procedures.
  10. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Laboratories: These pipettes are commonly used in chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories for the precise measurement of liquid volumes during the preparation of solutions, titrations, and other analytical processes.
  11. Calibration Standards: These pipettes may serve as calibration standards for other measuring instruments in the laboratory, contributing to the overall accuracy of the measurement system.
  12. Chemical and Biotechnological Research: Pipettes meeting these specifications are suitable for various applications in chemical and biotechnological research, where precision and accuracy are paramount.

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