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  • Right angle connection for attachment of rubber hose
  • Right angle connection for attachment of rubber hose
2580-14M 14/23 10
2580-19M 19/26 10
2580-24M 24/29 10
2580-29M 29/32 10

Here are some common uses for a DIN Adapter, Cone with Stem to Rubber Tubing in a laboratory:

  1. Vacuum Filtration: The adapter can be used in vacuum filtration setups where the cone is inserted into the neck of a flask, and the rubber tubing is connected to the stem. This setup allows for the application of vacuum to filter liquids through a membrane or filter paper.
  2. Gas Delivery: The adapter is suitable for delivering gases from one part of the apparatus to another. The rubber tubing attached to the stem can be connected to a gas source or another piece of glassware, facilitating the controlled delivery of gases during chemical reactions or other processes.
  3. Water Aspirator Connection: In laboratories where water aspirators are used for vacuum generation, the adapter can be connected to a water aspirator to create a vacuum for various applications, such as rotary evaporation or distillation.
  4. Liquid Transfer: The rubber tubing attached to the stem allows for the controlled transfer of liquids between vessels. This can be useful in processes where precise liquid handling is necessary, such as titrations or additions of reagents.
  5. Chemical Reactions: The adapter can be used in reaction setups where gases or liquids need to be introduced or removed from a reaction vessel. The rubber tubing provides a flexible connection for these applications.
  6. Aeration: The adapter can be employed to introduce air or oxygen into a solution for aeration purposes, promoting chemical reactions or providing oxygen for biological cultures.
  7. Custom Glassware Configurations: The flexibility of the rubber tubing attachment allows for the creation of custom glassware configurations, adapting the setup to specific experimental requirements or connecting to specialized equipment.

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