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Acc. to DIN 12257 and in addition to DIN standard, conical ground sockets and cones,
material: BOROSILICATE Glass 3.3

Acc. to DIN 12257 and in addition to DIN standard, conical ground sockets and cones,
material: BOROSILICATE Glass 3.3

PART No. NS FEMALE size NS MALE size Pack(Qty)
2330-19F14M 19/26 14/23 10
2330-24F14M 24/29 14/23 10
2330-24F19M 24/29 19/26 10
2330-29F14M 29/32 14/23 10
2330-29F19M 29/32 19/26 10
2330-29F24M 29/32 24/29 10
2330-45F14M 45/40 14/23 10
2330-45F29M 45/40 29/32 10

Here are potential uses for such adapters in a laboratory setting:

  1. Thermal Expansion Experiments:
    • Expansion adapters may be used in experiments involving thermal expansion or contraction of materials. They can connect different glassware components with ground joints and accommodate changes in temperature.
  2. Temperature-Dependent Reactions:
    • In chemical reactions where temperature changes are crucial, expansion adapters facilitate the connection between glassware components, allowing for controlled heating or cooling.
  3. Distillation Setups:
    • Expansion adapters with ground joints can be employed in distillation setups where temperature changes occur. They help connect various components like the distillation flask and the condenser.
  4. Thermometer Placement:
    • These adapters may provide a means to attach thermometers at different points within an experimental setup to monitor temperature variations during reactions or processes.
  5. Thermal Cycling Experiments:
    • In experiments involving thermal cycling, where temperature changes are repeated, expansion adapters can help maintain a secure and leak-tight connection between components.
  6. Heating Mantle Applications:
    • When using heating mantles or other heating devices, expansion adapters facilitate the connection between the reaction vessel and the heating source.
  7. Fractional Distillation:
    • In fractional distillation experiments, where precise temperature control is essential, expansion adapters can connect different components while accommodating temperature-induced changes.
  8. Condensation Reactions:
    • In reactions that involve condensation or vaporization, expansion adapters may be used to connect components such as the reaction flask and the condenser.
  9. Glassware Compatibility:
    • When using glassware with different coefficients of thermal expansion, expansion adapters help bridge the gap and ensure compatibility between components.
  10. Thermal Stress Testing:
    • Laboratories may use expansion adapters for stress testing glassware under different thermal conditions, assessing the stability and integrity of the materials.

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