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Chemical Resistant

Chemical Resistant

Part No. MALE Joint Accom. Range mm Pack QTY.
2160-14M 14/20 5-8 10
2160-19M 19/22 8-11 10
2160-24M 24/40 8-11 10
2160-29M 29/42 8-11 10

Potential Uses or Applications:

  • Sample Introduction: Inlet adapters are commonly used in analytical chemistry, chromatography, and spectroscopy for introducing samples into instruments or analytical columns.
  • Gas Inlet in Reactors: In organic synthesis or chemical reactions, an inlet adapter may be used to introduce gases or other reactants into a reaction vessel or reactor system.
  • Chromatography Systems: Inlet adapters can be utilized in chromatography setups to introduce liquid samples into the chromatograph, allowing for separation and analysis.
  • Spectroscopy Experiments: Inlet adapters may be used to introduce samples into spectrometers or other spectroscopy instruments for analysis.
  • Gas Flow Control: Inlet adapters can be employed in gas flow systems to control the introduction of gases into experimental setups or instruments.
  • Versatile Connection: Universal inlet adapters are designed to be versatile, allowing for a variety of connections and applications in different laboratory setups.

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