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Chemical Resistant

Chemical Resistant

Part No. BOTH MALE Joint Thermometer Joint Offset centre to centre Immersion Length mm Pack QTY.
2150-24M 24/40 10/30 160mm 75 10
2150-29M 29/42 10/30 175mm 75 10

Potential Uses or Applications:

  • Distillation Experiments: The primary use of a distilling adapter is in distillation experiments, where it facilitates the separation of components in a liquid mixture based on their different boiling points.
  • Fractional Distillation: The distilling adapter may be part of a fractional distillation setup, allowing for the separation of components with closer boiling points and increased precision in the distillation process.
  • Temperature Monitoring: Some distilling adapters may have additional ports for inserting thermometers or other temperature-monitoring devices. This enables precise control of temperature during the distillation process.
  • Connecting Condensers: The side arms of the distilling adapter can be used to attach condensers, allowing the vaporized components to condense back into liquid form for collection.
  • Chemical Synthesis: Distilling adapters may be utilized in chemical synthesis processes where the separation of components through distillation is a crucial step.
  • Purification Processes: In laboratory procedures aiming at purifying substances, distillation is often employed, and a distilling adapter is a key component in such setups.

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