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  • In compliance with Din 12252 standard
  • Used on different kind of jointed products like bottles, stoppered cylinder and jointed flasks mainly  volumetric flasks.
  • Hexagonal head if placed on at head end avoids contamination of ground surface, with hexagonal form head it also helps in preventing the rolling of the stopper and provides a good grip.
  • The stoppers below comes in drip tip form also which if placed on the flask helps liquid to return to the flask till the last drop.
Part no. NS SIZE Pack Qty.
1820-10 10/13 100
1820-12 12/14 100
1820-14 14/15 100
1820-19 19/17 100
1820-24 24/20 100
1820-29 29/22 100

Potential Uses:

  1. Laboratory Glassware Sealing: Hexagonal stoppers with short length, flat tops, and ground hollow features are commonly used to seal openings in laboratory glassware such as flasks, bottles, or tubes. The hexagonal shape provides stability and ease of handling.
  2. Storage of Samples: These stoppers may be used to seal containers holding samples, preventing contamination or evaporation. The flat top allows for efficient stacking of containers.
  3. Chemical Reactions: In laboratory experiments or chemical reactions, these stoppers may be used to seal reaction vessels to prevent the escape of gases or vapors.
  4. Educational Demonstrations: In educational settings, these stoppers may be used for teaching purposes, especially in chemistry labs, to demonstrate proper sealing techniques and the use of different stopper types.
  5. General Laboratory Practices: The hexagonal shape provides stability and prevents the stopper from rolling, making it convenient for various general laboratory applications.
  6. Stacking Containers: The flat top of these stoppers facilitates the stacking of containers, making them suitable for storage applications where space efficiency is important.

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