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12922-Double Beam UV-VIS Spectrophoto Meters

Product Details:

Wavelength Range 190-1100 nm
Spectral Bandwidth 2nm (5nm, 4nm, 1nm optional)
Baseline Flatness 0.002A

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Simultaneous Wavelength Monitoring:

  • Simultaneously monitors absorbance at multiple wavelengths in both UV and visible regions.

Quantitative Analysis:

  • Performs quantitative analysis of substances by measuring their absorbance characteristics across a range of wavelengths.

Kinetic Studies:

  • Conducts kinetic studies by tracking absorbance changes over time during chemical reactions.

Quality Control in Industries:

  • Essential for quality control in industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemistry, and environmental science to ensure product consistency.

Biochemical and Biotechnological Research:

  • Used in biochemical and biotechnological research for analyzing biomolecules and conducting enzymatic assays.

Material Science:

  • Applied in material science research for analyzing the optical properties of materials.

Colorimetric Assays:

  • Supports colorimetric assays and analyses by measuring absorbance in the UV and visible ranges.

Environmental Monitoring:

  • Assesses environmental samples for pollutants or specific chemical constituents through absorbance measurements.

Wavelength Scanning:

  • Conducts wavelength scanning to identify peak absorbance or emission wavelengths in samples.

Pharmaceutical Formulation Analysis:

  • Used in pharmaceutical laboratories for analyzing formulations and ensuring the quality of drug products.

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