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12850 Tail Flick Analgesiometer

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Pain Sensitivity Assessment:

  • Measures the response time of animals to a noxious stimulus, such as heat, applied to their tails.

Analgesic Testing:

  • Evaluates the effectiveness of analgesic drugs by assessing changes in the tail flick response.

Objective Pain Measurement:

  • Provides an objective method for quantifying pain sensitivity in preclinical studies.

Nociceptive Reflex:

  • Assesses the nociceptive (pain) reflex by measuring the time taken for the animal to flick its tail away from the heat source.

Research Tool:

  • Used in research settings to study pain mechanisms, analgesic drug development, and pain modulation pathways.

High Throughput:

  • Allows for high-throughput screening of analgesic compounds in a controlled and reproducible manner.

Temperature Control:

  • Enables precise control of the thermal stimulus applied to the tail for consistent testing conditions.

Neurological Studies:

  • Contributes to neurological and pharmacological research aimed at understanding pain perception and modulation.

Pharmacological Screening:

  • Integral in screening potential analgesic compounds for their efficacy and safety in preclinical models.

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