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Part No. Description
12840 Tablet-Coating-Pan

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Coating Tablets:

  • Applies a coating to tablets for various purposes, such as masking taste, protecting from environmental factors, or controlling drug release.

Film Coating:

  • Facilitates the application of a thin film or coating layer on the surface of tablets for enhanced aesthetics and functionality.

Uniform Coating:

  • Ensures uniform distribution of the coating material, promoting consistency across the batch.

Coloring and Appearance:

  • Improves the appearance of tablets by providing them with color, gloss, or other aesthetic features.

Enteric Coating:

  • Enables the application of enteric coatings that resist gastric juices, allowing for drug release in the intestines.

Controlled Release:

  • Supports the development of controlled-release formulations by applying coatings that regulate drug release rates.

Protection of Active Ingredients:

  • Protects active pharmaceutical ingredients from degradation due to light, moisture, or oxygen.

Taste Masking:

  • Masks the taste of bitter or unpleasant drugs, enhancing patient acceptability.

Efficient Processing:

  • Utilizes a rotating pan to ensure efficient and even coating of tablets.

Pharmaceutical Production:

  • Integral part of pharmaceutical manufacturing for improving the quality, appearance, and functionality of coated tablets.

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