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Part No. Description
12830 Suppository Mould

Their uses can be summarized as follows:

Suppository Formation:

  • Shapes liquid or solid suppository formulations into a specific size and form for easy administration.

Dosage Precision:

  • Ensures uniform and precise dosing of active ingredients in suppositories.

Rectal and Vaginal Administration:

  • Facilitates the production of suppositories for insertion into the rectum or vagina, allowing for targeted drug delivery.

Material Solidification:

  • Aids in the solidification or cooling process of the suppository material, helping to maintain the desired shape.

Ease of Removal:

  • Enables easy removal of formed suppositories from the mold without altering their structure.


  • Contributes to the standardization of suppository production, ensuring consistent size and shape across batches.

Quality Control:

  • Plays a role in quality control processes, helping to assess the uniformity and integrity of suppositories.

Various Shapes and Sizes:

  • Available in different shapes and sizes to accommodate diverse formulations and meet specific medical requirements.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing:

  • Integral in the pharmaceutical industry for the efficient and reproducible production of suppositories.

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