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MODEL 12800
WAVE LENGTH RANGE 400 to 700 nm
PHOTO DETECTOR Silicon Photodiode / Photo Cell
DISPLAY  2½ digit LED
LIGHT SOURCE 6.8V, 0.3Amp. Tungsten lamp
SAMPLE SYSTEM 10mm path length matched glass test tubes
FILTERS  8 Filters : 400, 420, 480, 500, 520, 540, 620, 680nm
5 Filters :420, 480, 540, 620, 680nm
WEIGHT  2.5 Kg. (Approx.)
POWER SUPPLY 230V AC ±10%, 50Hz. with in-built Stabilizer
ACCESSORIES Test Tube Set of 5, spare Light Source, Dust Cover, Instruction Manual.
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A photo colorimeter is a device used to measure the concentration of a substance in a solution based on its color intensity. In short, its uses can be summarized as follows:

Color Analysis:

  • Measures the color intensity of a solution, often indicating the concentration of a substance.

Wavelength Selection:

  • Allows selection of specific wavelengths to analyze color variations in the solution.

Quantitative Analysis:

  • Provides quantitative data on the concentration of a substance through colorimetric analysis.

Photometric Measurement:

  • Utilizes photometric principles to quantify the amount of light absorbed or transmitted by the colored solution.

Versatile Applications:

  • Widely used in various industries, laboratories, and research settings for chemical and biochemical analyses.

Quality Control:

  • Supports quality control processes by ensuring consistency and accuracy in concentration measurements.

Data Display:

  • Displays results digitally, facilitating easy interpretation and recording of colorimetric data.


  • Requires periodic calibration with standard solutions to maintain accuracy and reliability.

Efficient and Rapid:

  • Offers efficient and rapid analysis of samples, making it valuable for high-throughput testing.

Monitoring Chemical Reactions:

  • Monitors changes in color during chemical reactions, aiding in reaction kinetics and endpoint determination.

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