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Rota Rod-2 Compartment


Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Motor Function Assessment:

  • Evaluates motor coordination and balance in rodents, such as mice or rats.

Rotating Rod Design:

  • Features a rotating rod that animals walk on, with the rotation speed adjustable to vary the difficulty level.

Two Compartments:

  • Provides two separate compartments for simultaneous testing of multiple animals.

Performance Monitoring:

  • Monitors the time animals stay on the rotating rod, assessing their ability to maintain balance and coordination.

Research and Drug Testing:

  • Widely used in neuroscience research and pharmaceutical studies to assess the effects of drugs, genetic manipulations, or neurodegenerative conditions on motor function.

Endpoint Measurement:

  • Determines motor function endpoints, such as latency to fall or other parameters, aiding in the evaluation of neurological or behavioral interventions.

Quantitative Analysis:

  • Facilitates quantitative analysis of motor performance, allowing researchers to track changes over time or in response to experimental manipulations.

Behavioral Studies:

  • Integrates into behavioral testing paradigms for a comprehensive assessment of neurological function and performance.

Data Collection:

  • Records and analyzes data automatically, providing objective measurements for research purposes.

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