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Acc. to DIN 12249

Acc. to DIN 12249

Part No. Socket Size Approx. O.D.


Total length APPROX.(mm) Pack (qty.)
1280-12S 12/21 16 120±10 10
1280-14S 14/23 18 120±10 10
1280-19S 19/26 22 125±10 10
1280-24S 24/29 28 135±10 10
1280-29S 29/32 32 135±10 10
1280-34S 34/35 38 150±10 10
1280-40S 40/38 45 150±10 10
1280-45S 45/40 50 150±10 10
1280-50S 50/42 55 150±10 10

Here are some potential uses:

  1. Photochemical Reactions:
    • Amber glass joints can be used in setups for photochemical reactions where the reaction mixture is sensitive to light. The amber color helps protect the contents from harmful UV and visible light.
  2. Light-Sensitive Sample Storage:
    • Single sockets with amber glass joints may be employed for storing light-sensitive samples. This is common in situations where it’s crucial to protect the stability of the stored substances.
  3. Pharmaceutical Compounding:
    • In pharmaceutical laboratories, where light-sensitive compounds are handled, amber glass joints can be used in the preparation and compounding of medications to prevent light-induced degradation.
  4. Chemical Synthesis:
    • When conducting chemical syntheses involving light-sensitive reagents or intermediates, amber glass joints can be used to construct reaction vessels and apparatus to shield the reaction from light.
  5. Environmental Analysis:
    • In environmental analysis, such as the analysis of light-sensitive pollutants or contaminants, amber glass joints may be used in sample preparation and analysis setups.
  6. Drug Development and Testing:
    • Laboratories involved in drug development and testing may use amber glass joints when working with light-sensitive drug compounds to maintain their integrity during various processes.
  7. Biological and Biochemical Research:
    • In certain biological and biochemical experiments where samples or reagents are sensitive to light, amber glass joints can be used in the construction of experimental setups.
  8. Liquid Chromatography (LC) or High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC):
    • In chromatography applications, where samples can be light-sensitive, amber glass joints might be used to construct components of the chromatography system.
  9. Sample Transport:
    • When transporting light-sensitive samples between different parts of the laboratory or between laboratories, amber glass joints can be employed to ensure protection during transit.

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