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Part No. Type
9950-A As illustrated for keeping 24 maps made of iron painted.
9950-B For keeping 36 maps made of iron painted.

Its uses include:

  1. Workspace Organization:
    • Keeps maps organized and easily accessible for efficient use in offices and workspaces.
  2. Educational Settings:
    • Provides a convenient way to store and display maps in classrooms, libraries, and educational institutions.
  3. Navigation Planning:
    • Facilitates easy access to navigational maps for route planning and exploration.
  4. Fieldwork and Research:
    • Aids researchers and fieldworkers by providing a stable platform for referencing maps during outdoor activities.
  5. Archival Storage:
    • Preserves maps in an organized manner for archival purposes, preventing damage or misplacement.
  6. Business Presentations:
    • Offers a professional way to present and reference maps during business meetings and presentations.
  7. Reference Tool:
    • Keeps maps readily available for quick reference in various professional settings.
  8. Home Office Use:
    • Organizes maps in home offices, providing easy access for personal or professional use.
  9. Public Spaces:
    • Utilized in public spaces, such as visitor centers or tourism offices, for displaying local and tourist maps.
  10. Tourism and Hospitality:
    • Helps in organizing maps for tourists and visitors in hotels, resorts, and travel agencies.

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