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9780-Dispensing Balance

Usage/Application               :   Laboratory

Weighing Capacity               :   100-500 gm

Accuracy                                :   0.05%

Size/Dimension                   :   29 x 16 x 46 cm

A dispensing balance, also known as a dispensing scale, is a precision weighing instrument designed for accurately measuring and dispensing specific quantities of substances in laboratory and industrial settings. Here are common uses of dispensing balances:

  1. Pharmaceutical Compounding: In pharmaceutical laboratories, dispensing balances are used to measure precise amounts of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and other substances for compounding medications.
  2. Chemical Formulation: Dispensing balances play a crucial role in chemical laboratories for accurately dispensing and measuring reagents, chemicals, and formulations in experiments and chemical processes.
  3. Food and Beverage Production: In the food and beverage industry, dispensing balances are used for precise measurements of ingredients during the production of recipes, ensuring consistency in taste and quality.
  4. Cosmetic Manufacturing: Dispensing balances are employed in cosmetic laboratories to measure and dispense accurate quantities of ingredients for formulating skincare products, makeup, and other cosmetic items.
  5. Research and Development: Scientists and researchers use dispensing balances in various fields, including chemistry, biology, and material science, to measure exact quantities of substances for experiments, tests, and research projects.
  6. Quality Control: In manufacturing and production facilities, dispensing balances are utilized for quality control purposes to ensure that the correct amounts of materials are used in the production of goods.
  7. Precision Weighing: Any application that requires precise weighing and dispensing of materials, such as creating standards, preparing solutions, or conducting analyses, can benefit from the use of dispensing balances.
  8. Laboratory Testing: In analytical laboratories, dispensing balances are used for preparing samples, creating calibration standards, and ensuring accurate measurements in various testing procedures.
  9. Environmental Testing: Dispensing balances are used in environmental testing laboratories for accurately measuring and dispensing samples and reagents in studies related to air, water, and soil quality.
  10. Educational Institutions: Dispensing balances are employed in educational settings for teaching students the principles of accurate weighing, measurements, and laboratory techniques.

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