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  • Lactometers supreme quality shot & wax poised.
  • Lactometers supreme quality shot & wax poised.
Part No. Range/Temp Division Accuracy Approx Size
9510-A 1.000-1.040 [0-40] @84°F 0.001/0.0005 +0.0002 170mm
9510-B 1.000-1.040 [0-40] @21°C 0.001/0.0005 +0.0002 170mm
9510-C 1.000-1.040 [0-40] @27°C 0.001/0.0005 +0.0002 170mm

The uses of a lactometer of supreme quality can be summarized as follows:

Milk Quality Assessment:

  • Measures the specific gravity of milk to assess its composition and quality.

Determination of Fat Content:

  • Helps estimate the fat content in milk based on its density.

Adulteration Detection:

  • Aids in identifying potential adulteration or dilution of milk with water or other substances.

High-Quality Construction:

  • Designed with superior materials and construction for accurate and reliable measurements.

Precision and Accuracy:

  • Provides precise and accurate readings, ensuring reliability in milk testing.

Quality Control in Dairy Industry:

  • Used in the dairy industry for quality control during milk processing.

Farm and Dairy Management:

  • Valuable in farm and dairy management for monitoring milk characteristics.

Compliance with Standards:

  • Supports compliance with milk quality standards and regulations.

Quick On-Site Testing:

  • Provides a quick on-site method for testing milk without the need for sophisticated equipment.

Routine Milk Testing:

  • Facilitates routine testing of milk to ensure it meets quality standards for consumption.

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