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PART  No. Capacity (ml) PACK Qty.
9100-15 15 4
9100-30 30 4
9100-50 50 4
9100-140 140 2

Here are some common uses of Gooch crucibles:

  1. Gravimetric Analysis: Gravimetric analysis involves the determination of the quantity of a substance through the measurement of weight. Gooch crucibles are often used in this method to collect and filter precipitates. After filtration, the crucible with the collected precipitate is dried and weighed to determine the amount of the analyte.
  2. Filtration of Precipitates: Gooch crucibles are particularly useful when dealing with fine or gelatinous precipitates that are difficult to filter using regular filter paper. The perforated bottom of the crucible allows for efficient filtration.
  3. Ash Determination: Gooch crucibles can be used for determining the ash content of a sample. After burning off organic material, the residue remaining in the crucible represents the inorganic ash content.
  4. Suspended Solid Analysis in Environmental Testing: In environmental chemistry, Gooch crucibles can be used for the analysis of suspended solids in water samples. The crucible is employed to filter out solid particles from the water for subsequent analysis.
  5. Extraction and Filtration in Organic Chemistry: Gooch crucibles can be used in organic chemistry for the separation and filtration of solids from liquid mixtures, particularly when dealing with substances that are sensitive to high temperatures.

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