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9050-Forceps, Curved Blunt Points

• Material SS 410 Grade
• Curved Blunt Points

• Material SS 410 Grade
• Curved Blunt Points

PART  No. Size (mm) Pack Qty.
9050-100 100 10
9050-125 125 10
9050-150 150 10
9050-200 200 10
9050-250 250 10
9050-300 300 10

Curved blunt points forceps in the lab are used for:

  1. Safe Handling:
    • Gentle Grasping: Ideal for secure and gentle handling of delicate materials.
    • Minimized Trauma: Blunt points reduce the risk of causing trauma or damage to specimens.
  2. Sample Manipulation:
    • Secure Grip: Provides a secure grip for holding and moving various samples.
    • Delicate Materials: Suited for manipulating delicate or sensitive materials without harm.
  3. Dissection:
    • Tissue Handling: Appropriate for gentle manipulation of tissues during dissection.
    • Organ Handling: Ideal for manipulating organs or structures with care.
  4. Laboratory Procedures:
    • Routine Lab Work: Commonly used in general laboratory tasks requiring safe and gentle handling.
    • Material Transfer: Facilitates the transfer of materials without compromising their integrity.
  5. Medical Applications:
    • Clinical Examinations: Used in medical examinations for gentle manipulation of tissues.
    • Wound Care: Suitable for handling dressings and wound care materials in healthcare settings.
  6. Versatility:
    • Multi-Purpose Tool: Applicable in various laboratory and medical settings.
    • Curved Design: Offers enhanced maneuverability and access in certain applications.

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