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8970-Spatula, both ends flat

  • Material Stainless Steel, Grade 202
  • Material Stainless Steel, Grade 202
PART  No. Size (mm) Pack Qty.
8970-125 125 10
8970-150 150 10
8970-200 200 10
8970-250 250 10

A spatula with both ends flat is a versatile tool in the laboratory, primarily used for:

  1. Mixing and Stirring: Ideal for blending and stirring substances in containers with precision.
  2. Scraping: Effective for scraping and collecting materials from surfaces or containers.
  3. Sample Transfer: Facilitates the transfer of powders, granules, or liquids between containers.
  4. Smoothing Surfaces: Useful for smoothing and spreading substances evenly across surfaces.
  5. Cleaning: Handy for cleaning and scraping residues from laboratory equipment.
  6. Versatile Manipulation: Its dual flat ends provide flexibility for various laboratory tasks.
  7. Laboratory Efficiency: Enhances efficiency by eliminating the need for multiple tools.
  8. Minimizing Contamination: Helps minimize the risk of contamination between different substances.

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