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8620-Jack, Laboratory-MS

PART  No. Type Size (mm) Pack Qty.
8620-120 MILD Steel 120 x 140 1
8620-200 MILD Steel 200 x 200 1
8620-250 MILD Steel 250 x 250 1


  1. Laboratory Support: Used to provide support for laboratory apparatus or equipment.
  2. Adjustable Height: Allows for the adjustment of height to set up apparatus at the desired level.
  3. Stability: Provides a stable platform for various lab instruments and setups.
  4. Experiment Setup: Used in experimental setups to raise or lower equipment as needed.
  5. Precision Positioning: Enables precise positioning of items in laboratory experiments.
  6. Instrument Calibration: Used during calibration of instruments that require specific height adjustments.
  7. Microscopy: Applied in microscopy setups for adjusting the height of microscope stages.
  8. Optical Experiments: Utilized in optical experiments where precise positioning is critical.
  9. Biotechnology and Chemistry: Commonly used in biotechnology and chemistry laboratories for diverse applications.
  10. Cost-Effective Option: Mild steel construction provides a cost-effective alternative for laboratory support.

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