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8560-Natural Rubber Cones

PART  No. Size (ml) Pack Qty.
8560-250 250 4
8560-500 500 4
8560-1000 1000 4
8560-2000 2000 4
8560-5000 5000 4
8560-10000 10000 4


  1. Laboratory Applications: Used in laboratories for controlled pouring or transferring of liquids.
  2. Filtration: Applied in filtration setups to direct the flow of liquids through filter paper or membranes.
  3. Chemical Transfers: Used for controlled chemical transfers, such as filling containers or adding reagents.
  4. Powder Pouring: Suitable for controlled pouring of powders or granular substances.
  5. Liquid Funneling: Facilitates the controlled funnelling of liquids into containers.
  6. Lab Experimentation: Utilized in various laboratory experiments for precise liquid handling.
  7. Chemical Resistant: Resistant to certain chemicals, making them suitable for handling specific substances.
  8. Quality Control: Commonly used in quality control processes where precise liquid handling is essential.
  9. Educational Demonstrations: Employed in educational settings for teaching students about liquid handling techniques.
  10. General Laboratory Use: Widely used in laboratories for versatile liquid and substance handling.

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