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8390-Reusable Glass Drinking Straw with Cleaning Brushes

  • HAND-CRAFTED QUALITY – Stylish smooth and shatter-resistant borosilicate glass against your lips feels great and keeps drinks cool while keeping you and the planet safe from plastic
  • BPA-FREE and totally non-toxic. That’s great for your health and the health of the environment. Plastic straws generally contain the hormone disrupting Bisphenol-A (BPA)
  • YOU ARE THE CHANGE – a reusable straw is a small, yet powerfully meaningful positive action you can take today. The world uses and discards billions of plastic straws. Those drinking straws are not biodegradable and they continue to leach chemicals
  • 4 GLASS STRAWS + 2 BRUSHES – That’s a bonus brush so you can keep one at the office and one at home. With the ease of use and easy cleaning, you’ll be getting healthier by having more smoothies
  • EASY-TO-CLEAN – Rinse it and your good to go. However, you also get 1 cleaning brush, plus a bonus one to dislodge any yummy fruit or super green that may get stuck. Many Gaia Guy patrons like to have their straws at home and work or on the go; so two brushes just made sense
PART  No. Type Size Pack Qty.
8390-GS Reusable Glass Straws 9in x 12mm 4
8390-CB Cleaning Brushes 2

A “Reusable Glass Drinking Straw with Cleaning Brushes” serves as an eco-friendly and reusable alternative to single-use plastic straws. Here are common uses and benefits:

  1. Sustainable Drinking: Reusable glass straws help reduce the environmental impact of single-use plastic straws, contributing to sustainability efforts.
  2. Drinking Various Beverages: Glass straws are suitable for drinking a wide range of beverages, including water, juices, smoothies, and iced drinks.
  3. Home Use: Use these glass straws at home for personal use or for guests during gatherings, meals, or parties.
  4. On-the-Go: Carry the glass straw in a protective case when on the go, providing a reusable option for drinks purchased outside the home.
  5. Easy Cleaning: The set typically includes cleaning brushes, making it convenient to maintain hygiene by easily cleaning the straws after use.
  6. Gifts: Glass straws with cleaning brushes can make thoughtful and eco-friendly gifts for friends or family members who are environmentally conscious.
  7. Educational Initiatives: Organizations or schools promoting sustainability may use these glass straws as part of educational initiatives on reducing single-use plastic waste.
  8. Restaurants and Cafés: Some environmentally conscious establishments may offer reusable glass straws to patrons as an alternative to disposable straws.
  9. Event Planning: Event planners may incorporate reusable glass straws into sustainable event practices, reducing the environmental impact of single-use items.
  10. Customization: Some glass straws come in various colors or designs, allowing users to personalize their drinking experience.
  11. Health Considerations: Glass is inert and does not leach harmful chemicals into beverages, making glass straws a health-conscious choice.

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