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8294-MEMBRANE FILTER PAPER (Nuclepore Hydrophilic Membrane)

Part No. Pore Size Sterility Diameter Pack Qty.
8294-12 12 µm 47 mm 100
8294-3 3 µm 47 mm 100
8294-0.015 0.015 µm 47 mm 100
8294-0.1 0.1 µm 47 mm 100
8294-0.2 0.2 µm 47 mm 100
8294-0.6 0.6 µm 47 mm 100
8294-0.45S 0.45 µm Sterile 47 mm 100
8294-0.2S 0.2 µm Sterile 47 mm 100

This type of membrane filter paper is typically used for:

  1. Particle Retention: It effectively retains particles and microorganisms from liquids, aiding in sample purification and clarification.
  2. Microorganism Analysis: Ideal for microbiological analysis, where it helps separate and concentrate microorganisms for further examination.
  3. Water Quality Testing: Used in environmental testing to filter water samples and analyze the content of particulate matter.
  4. Cell Culture: Suitable for cell culture applications, providing a sterile environment by filtering out contaminants.
  5. Pharmaceutical Testing: Commonly employed in pharmaceutical laboratories for filtration processes involved in quality control and analysis.
  6. Biological Research: Used in various biological research applications where the separation of particles from liquids is crucial.
  7. Air Quality Monitoring: In certain cases, it may be used for air sampling to capture particulate matter for analysis.

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