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8240-Sugar Flask

Manufactured according to BS.675 in borosilicate glass.

Manufactured according to BS.675 in borosilicate glass.

Usage Guide

  • Sugar flasks are used for the analysis of sugars. The two mark flasks are used for the analysis of sugar factory juices.
  • The single mark flask calibrated more accurately is used for measuring the polarization of a sugar solution.
  • Flasks have a high volume above the graduation mark to allow for adequate mixing of solutions.

Here are the primary uses of a sugar flask:

  1. Reducing Sugar Analysis:
    • Applications: The sugar flask is used for the quantitative analysis of reducing sugars in liquid samples. It is particularly suitable for determining the concentration of sugars that have the ability to reduce certain metal ions.
  2. Food and Beverage Industry:
    • Applications: In the food and beverage industry, sugar flasks are used to assess the sugar content in various products such as fruit juices, soft drinks, syrups, and other liquid food items.
  3. Quality Control:
    • Applications: Sugar flasks are employed in quality control laboratories to ensure that food and beverage products meet the specified sugar content requirements and comply with regulatory standards.
  4. Brewing and Fermentation:
    • Applications: In brewing and fermentation processes, sugar flasks can be used to monitor and control the sugar levels during the production of beverages such as beer and wine.
  5. Research and Development:
    • Applications: Research laboratories use sugar flasks for developing and testing new food and beverage formulations. They help researchers understand the sugar composition of different products.
  6. Educational Laboratories:
    • Applications: Sugar flasks are commonly used in educational laboratories to teach students about quantitative analysis techniques and the determination of sugar content in various samples.
  7. Clinical and Analytical Chemistry:
    • Applications: In clinical and analytical chemistry, sugar flasks may be used for specific analyses related to sugar metabolism or in studies involving sugar concentrations in biological fluids.
  8. Environmental Monitoring:
    • Applications: Sugar flasks can be employed in environmental monitoring to analyze sugar content in water samples, especially in cases where the presence of sugars may indicate pollution or organic matter.

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