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7530-Tube, Color Comparison, Nessler, Tall Form

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  • With Graduations.
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  • With Graduations.
PART  No. Graduated at (ml) Approx. O.D. x Height (mm) Graduated length (mm) PACK Qty.
7530-50 50 20 x 300 200 – 220 100
7530-100 100 24 x 375 274 – 296 100

Here are some common uses of tall form Nessler tubes:

  1. Ammonia Analysis:
    • Tall form Nessler tubes are commonly used for the colorimetric analysis of ammonia concentrations in water samples. The Nessler reagent reacts with ammonia, producing a yellow to brown color. The intensity of the color is proportional to the concentration of ammonia in the sample.
  2. Water Quality Testing:
    • Tall form Nessler tubes are employed in water quality assessments to measure the levels of ammonia, which can be an important indicator of pollution. This is particularly relevant in environmental monitoring and water treatment processes.
  3. Environmental Monitoring:
    • Environmental scientists use tall form Nessler tubes for analyzing water samples from various sources, including rivers, lakes, and wastewater. The colorimetric analysis allows for a quick and visible determination of ammonia concentrations.
  4. Determination of Nitrogen Compounds:
    • The tall form Nessler tubes are suitable for the determination of nitrogen compounds, especially ammonium ions, in environmental and agricultural research.
  5. Analysis of Alkaline Solutions:
    • Tall form Nessler tubes can be used for the colorimetric analysis of alkaline solutions where the formation of a colored complex aids in quantifying specific ions or compounds.
  6. Biological and Chemical Research:
    • In research applications, tall form Nessler tubes are used to quantify substances that produce color changes upon reaction with a specific reagent. This can be relevant in various scientific disciplines, including biochemistry and microbiology.
  7. Measurement of Trace Elements:
    • Tall form Nessler tubes can be used for the measurement of trace amounts of certain elements that form colored complexes. The larger volume allows for more accurate quantification of trace elements.
  8. Pharmaceutical Analysis:
    • In pharmaceutical laboratories, tall form Nessler tubes may be used for colorimetric analysis of specific drug formulations or chemical reactions that produce visible color changes.
  9. Quantitative Analysis:
    • Tall form Nessler tubes are suitable for quantitative colorimetric analysis in general chemistry laboratories. The longer length accommodates larger sample volumes, making them useful when higher sensitivity or precision is required.

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