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7250-Analytical Funnel PP

  • Made of Polypropylene
  • Made of Polypropylene
PART  No. Size (mm) PACK Qty.
7250-50 50mm Inside 50 Stem Length 50 PP 72
7250-62 62mm Inside 62 Stem Length 67 PP 36
7250-75 75mm Inside 75 Stem Length 77 PP 36
7250-100 100mm Inside 100 Stem Length 95 PP 36
7250-35 35mm Inside 35 Stem Length 37 PP 80

Here are some common uses of analytical funnels made of polypropylene:

  1. Sample Transfers:
    • Analytical funnels are often used for transferring liquid samples from one container to another. Their chemical resistance ensures that the funnel material does not react with or contaminate the samples.
  2. Separation of Phases:
    • In liquid-liquid extraction or phase separation processes, analytical funnels are employed to separate immiscible liquid phases. This is commonly done in organic chemistry or sample preparation for analytical techniques.
  3. Filtering and Filtration:
    • Analytical funnels can be used in filtration processes where a liquid needs to be separated from solid particles. Depending on the application, a filter paper or membrane may be placed in the funnel for efficient separation.
  4. Chemical Additions:
    • These funnels are useful for controlled additions of reagents or chemicals to reaction vessels. Their design allows for precise pouring, which is important in analytical chemistry and various laboratory procedures.
  5. Microscale Experiments:
    • In microscale chemistry experiments or when handling small quantities of liquids, analytical funnels made of polypropylene provide a convenient and chemically resistant option.
  6. Powder Funneling:
    • Analytical funnels can be used to transfer or funnel powders into containers, ensuring controlled and accurate dispensing of solid substances.
  7. Sample Loading:
    • In sample preparation for analytical techniques such as chromatography or spectroscopy, analytical funnels are used to load samples onto columns or instruments.
  8. Chemical Compatibility Testing:
    • Polypropylene analytical funnels are often used when testing the compatibility of certain chemicals or reagents. Their resistance to a wide range of chemicals makes them suitable for such applications.
  9. General Laboratory Use:
    • Analytical funnels find use in a variety of routine laboratory tasks, such as decanting, transferring, and handling small volumes of liquids.
  10. Educational Laboratories:
    • These funnels are commonly used in educational laboratories to teach students basic laboratory techniques and procedures.

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