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7240-Funnel, Powder with fire polished rim and stem W/O Cone

  • Made from ASTM E 438 TYPE 1 CLASS A BORO 3.3 GLASS
  • Compliance with ASTM E-1095 standards
  • Comes with fire polished rim and stem
  • Made from ASTM E 438 TYPE 1 CLASS A BORO 3.3 GLASS
  • Compliance with ASTM E-1095 standards
  • Comes with fire polished rim and stem
PART  No. Top Diameter (mm) Stem O.D. Max. mm. (mm) PACK Qty.
7240-60 60 20 6
7240-80 80 25 6
7240-100 100 25 6
7240-125 125 30 2
7240-150 150 31 2

Here are some common uses of a powder funnel with a fire-polished rim and stem (without a cone):

  1. Powder Dispensing: These funnels are used for controlled dispensing of powders into containers or reaction vessels. The absence of a cone allows for a broader and less directed flow of powder.
  2. Weighing and Transferring Powders: Laboratories often use these funnels in combination with analytical balances for precise weighing and transferring of powdered substances. The fire-polished rim minimizes the risk of powder particles adhering to the funnel.
  3. Analytical Procedures: In analytical chemistry, where accurate measurements and sample handling are critical, these funnels may be used for the addition of powdered reagents to analytical instruments.
  4. Sample Preparation: For preparing samples for analysis or experimentation, these funnels help in transferring powders without introducing contamination or losing material due to sticking.
  5. Reduced Powder Adhesion: The fire-polished rim and stem contribute to a smoother glass surface, reducing the static charge and making it less likely for powders to adhere to the funnel during transfer.
  6. Crystallization Experiments: In chemistry labs, these funnels might be used in crystallization experiments where precise addition of crystalline substances is required without introducing impurities.
  7. Drug Compounding: Pharmacies and pharmaceutical laboratories may use these funnels for accurately dispensing powdered pharmaceutical ingredients during drug compounding processes.
  8. Fine Chemical Synthesis: For precise additions of powdered reagents during fine chemical synthesis, these funnels provide a smooth and controlled flow without the need for a cone.
  9. Seed Coating: In agricultural applications, these funnels may be adapted for seed coating processes, where powdered fertilizers or pesticides are evenly distributed on seeds.
  10. Catalyst Additions: In catalysis studies or industrial processes, where small amounts of powdered catalysts are added to reactions, these funnels aid in controlled additions.
  11. Laboratory Hygiene: The smooth, fire-polished surface is easy to clean, contributing to good laboratory hygiene and preventing cross-contamination between different powders.
  12. General Laboratory Transfers: These funnels can be used for a variety of powder transfer tasks in the laboratory, offering versatility in handling different powdered substances.

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